About Quantum City

Who We Are

Quantum City is building an ecosystem for quantum science and technology in Alberta

About Us

Quantum City is building an ecosystem for quantum science and technology in Alberta bringing together researchers, developers and adopters of quantum technology and services. 

Quantum City’s mandate is to capture the benefit of quantum technology by creating adoption pathways. Quantum City is establishing quantum technology enabling infrastructure, creating a pipeline for talent and experts and narrowing the gap between quantum technology and solutions to support the development of a vibrant economic and scientific hub based in Calgary. 

These combined assets will create a unique, and once-in-a-generation opportunity to position Alberta as a national and international jurisdiction in the new quantum economy.

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Quantum City's vision is to be the place where quantum technology becomes quantum solutions.

Our History

Quantum Research, Development and Commercialization in Alberta has a rich history of over 20 years of major quantum investments and advancements totaling over $30 million. Activities by the Universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Lethbridge have been collaborative since 2015 via Quantum Alberta, a network of academic and industry experts who joined together to elevate quantum science and technology research, development, and commercialization in Alberta.
In 2022, Quantum City, a partnership of the University of Calgary, Government of Alberta and a leading technology company Mphasis, was established with over $100 million in private and public investments. Quantum City is a quantum solutions hub, bringing together researchers, quantum companies and early adopters of quantum technologies and services.

Quantum City Values

Quantum City has four values that serve as cornerstones in achieving our mission of being the place where quantum technology becomes quantum solutions.  

Every decision and action we take together is grounded in our shared UCalgary values of authenticity, inclusivity, diversity, and critical thinking. 

Quantum City is committed to honesty and integrity in all our communications, ensuring that we set realistic expectations about the potential of quantum technology and avoid hype or exaggeration. 

Quantum City fulfills our mission by recruiting and partnering with incredible people. We value each member of our team and our broader community, fostering an environment of care, empathy, and support. By building meaningful connections with a diversity of perspective, experience and thought, we ensure high levels of service to our community.  

Quantum City is dedicated to building a thriving quantum ecosystem where everyone feels a sense of belonging and contribution. Quantum City is not solely focused on revenue but on creating jobs, adding value to the economy, and expanding possibilities for all members of our community. 

Quantum City nurtures a culture that rewards innovative thinking and a positive, can-do attitude. We empower our team to think outside the box, take calculated risks, and push the boundaries of what is possible in the quantum landscape.