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Quantum City is building an ecosystem for quantum science and technology in Alberta

About Us

Quantum City is building an ecosystem for quantum science and technology in Alberta bringing together researchers and developers, industry and adopters of quantum technology and serves as the hub for all quantum solutions. The creation of Quantum City is the result of a strategic collaboration between the University of Calgary, the Government of Alberta and Mphasis, which is Quantum City’s first industry partner.

Quantum City’s mandate is to establish quantum-focused fabrication infrastructure, create pipelines for quantum and quantum-adjacent talent and expertise, and bridge the gap between quantum technologies and solutions to drive the development of a vibrant economic and scientific hub based in Calgary. These combined assets will create a unique, and once-in-a-generation opportunity to position Alberta as a national and international jurisdiction in the new quantum economy.

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Quantum City's vision is to be the place where quantum technology becomes quantum solutions.

Our History

Quantum Research, Development and Commercialization in Alberta has a rich history of over 20 years of major quantum investments and advancements totaling over $30 million. Activities by the Universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Lethbridge have been collaborative since 2015 via Quantum Alberta, a network of academic and industry experts who joined together to elevate quantum science and technology research, development, and commercialization in Alberta.
In 2022, Quantum City, a partnership of the University of Calgary, Government of Alberta and a leading technology company Mphasis, was established with over $100 million in private and public investments. Quantum City is a quantum solutions hub, bringing together researchers, quantum companies and early adopters of quantum technologies and services.