Quantum City and industry

How we work with industry

“Since the birth of quantum science more than 100 years ago, quantum technologies have been the source of many game-changing innovations, including semiconductors and lasers. In the coming years, new breakthroughs will further transform how people work and live. Canadian quantum researchers and companies are well positioned to realize this disruptive potential as the capability to design and engineer quantum states increases”. 
National Quantum Strategy

What is the potential of quantum?

What is the potential of quantum technology globally?

The global quantum effort leading to research and innovation in quantum science and technology is continually rising with current worldwide investments reaching almost $30 billion. Overall, the global quantum technology market is projected to reach $42.4 billion by 2027

What is the potential of quantum technology in Canada?

According to a National Research Council of Canada study in 2020, the Canadian quantum industry will be a $139 billion industry, including all economic effects, and account for over 200,000 jobs by 2045. 

What is the future of quantum technology in Canada?

“Quantum innovations will underpin major advances in fields from computing to artificial intelligence (AI) to health care, with a vast range of potential applications". National Quantum Strategy

Quantum City serves as a resource hub for companies across industries aiming to leverage quantum technologies. Quantum City works with companies at all stages of their quantum journey, through:

  • Acting as a conduit for collaboration between industry, research, and start-ups in the quantum ecosystem.
  • Preparing companies for both the risks and potential of quantum solutions on business models. We help organizations make informed decisions and navigate the evolving quantum landscape effectively.
  • Connecting companies with leading quantum research in Alberta.
  • Developing and connecting companies with the workforce needed to prepare for the adoption of quantum solutions.
  • Providing training and advice to business leaders on quantum and how it will impact their work.

Quantum City is dedicated to supporting quantum startups and accelerating their growth. By providing tailored support Quantum City helps startups navigate the unique commercialization challenges of quantum technologies. Through expert mentorship, access to specialized resources, and strategic connections to potential end-users, Quantum City is enabling quantum innovators to bring their technologies to market and solve industry challenges.


Quantum City is developing programs and services to support and attract startups, including:

  • Incubation and fellowships
  • Expert advisory
  • Access to funding
  • Access to infrastructure
  • Connection to talent
  • Commercialization support

Quantum City has launched a quantum challenge for the energy industry, visit this webpage for more information: quantumcitychallenge.ca